Catching Hell

by Traffic Nightmare

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This album is a dedication to every genre I wanted to play that I couldn't pull of by myself.


released August 1, 2012

Recorded in Tevis' living room.

Johnny-Bass, Additional Mouth Sounds (Tracks 3-5, 7-12), Guitar Parts That Kevin Didn’t Play (1, 11, 12)
Steve-Keyboards, Additional Mouth Sounds (Tracks 8, 12)
Kevin-Guitar, Mouth Sounds, Words
Tevis-Drums, Aux Percussion

A volcano full of thanks to both Tori Scheirer for taking this picture three years ago and Fred for always being photogenic.

Written by Traffic Nightmare



all rights reserved
Track Name: Guttural

Catching hell from losing faith
Lost my mind while I was turning face
Your unauthorized autobiography
Read like headstones with their revelry
I put you up on a pedestal
But that pedestal is getting smaller still
Took a chance, didn’t wanna know
It raised a vibrant red up my flag pole

I’m the part you throw away
Sighing in unison
Burning on and losing light
Committed to delusion

I caught your eye, loved you from afar
You caught my eye, bronzed it in a jar
Guttural sounds of accidents
Didn’t mean to make you upset again
So eat some food, and try to go to sleep
Don’t dream of panicked love or slaughtered sheep
The all-white sky gathered dark blue clouds
While everyone heard sights instead of sounds
Sneakers laced, you put your helmet on
As you took off in the night like a frightened fawn


Killed yourself and then you changed your mind
You’re like the Jesus Christ of wasting time
Said I’m a simple cell, but that’s a single lie
I’m a single song written in simple lines
“So ain’t you gonna sing for me?”
I saw visible pain as it left your teeth
Cut the lights, call off your canines
I’ll stop wasting your time when you start wasting mine

Track Name: Necessary Hibernation
Necessary Hibernation

Tattoos on my right hand
God up on his grandstand
Talking up a storm

Leaving for a long trip
You’re calling me a dumb prick
I never called you back

You say it all the time
“I am not worth the time you give me”
Right hand on my right heart
I think I should start telling the truth

Getting so close to me
Speakers blasting Joni
In France they kiss on the street

Your head rests on my shoulder
The warmth is getting colder
I want it more than I can show

Real world in my rear view
I won’t ever find you
If you don’t wanna be found

Track Name: Mutant Times
There’s nothing funny ‘bout the way you treat me
Like I’ll always be here
Like I’ll just be around forever whenever
You need some fresh air

Don’t breathe me in
I don’t wanna be yours
I hope you choke

Yeah it’s not funny so don’t even think to laugh
I won’t be the air mattress
On which you sleep or the balloons
To help you fly away


These are the mutant times
These are the ties that bind
These are the serpent’s lies
So take one last breath before you die

There’s oxygen at the end of the world
You can have it all
Sleep and dream like it comes naturally
But don’t shine a light over here
You won’t like what you find
Track Name: Dead Hometown
The cops pull over the drunken kids
Who hide their empty bottles in cookie bins
The jail’s filled up, the school burnt down
There’s no phantom pain like a dead hometown
She said “why can’t you just understand?
One day I’ll use these legs to stand”
You’re like the withered hands on this rusted clock
I wouldn’t know time passed if you just stopped

Jesus christ if this rain don’t stop
I’m gonna drive my car to the mountaintop
Sit underneath that single tree
And just wish that you were there with me

It’s midnight at the drunken church
And the guards are on their pre-dusk search
To maim the doctor and blind the priest
To kill everyone that lives on this street
I’m gonna grow my hair out long this time
So that no one can look into my eyes
I want a trumpet at my death bedside
So I can play ‘till I go into that good light
Well I’m not your friend and I’m not your man
I’m the drop of water on the desert sands
Squint your eyes and your feelings change
But up close those feelings just fade away

Track Name: Furrowed Brows Of Hate
Used to be sad, used to be a mess
But now all that shit’s gone, I must confess
You could level a city with the pain you create
Furrowed brows of hate

Pick up my guitar, shake the anger out
Used to stand silent but now I twist and shout
I thought that strange darkness was my only fate
Furrowed brows of hate

Well I swore I went crazy, knew I’d lost my mind
Left it in your clutches with that black heart of mine
And if you wanna know how I’m feeling, take a look at my face
Furrowed brows of hate

Turn out the lights, lay my head to rest
When I consider the history I think I liked you the best
But I don’t think I miss you, just the feeling you gave
Furrowed brows of hate
Track Name: Lesley Gore's Tears
Lesley Gore’s Tears

There’s nobody to blame for your charitable loss
When you’re acting like an infant born of a pregnant pause
I’m just a Johnny standing lone in a room full of fawns
It’s not the ring it’s the finger that you’re putting it on tonight

Everybody’s got a Judy and Judy’s such a slut
Everybody’s got a party and they’ll do just what they want
Lesley Gore’s Tears

It’s not always lollipops and bright sunshine
There ain’t always rainbows waiting at the end of the night
Daily genocides and suicides all over the world
It doesn’t matter ‘cause Johnny left with the wrong girl tonight

Track Name: Your Summer Dress
Put some records on
That’s my favorite song
We don’t need the light
The moon’s reflection is the only sight

I just wanna dance with you
In your summer dress (x2)

Hands around your waist
It’s more than I can take
Barefoot on the sand
I wanna be your man

No one else in sight
I can only see your eyes
Smiling just for me
I hope I’m not in deep, cause

Track Name: Alpha Centauri A
Alpha Centauri A

I couldn’t stand still I had to leave eventually
She’s a miracle of science, I don’t know how she ended up with me
But I don’t want those thoughts in your head
There might be blue skies ahead but I’m seeing red

Exit the bypass, follow the signs
No room for screwups this time
You said my tired shtick is wearing thin
I’m your afternoon rerun, you’re my parted sea closing in

Ain’t no rag gonna scrub away that mark of Cain
Open the doors those tree trunks sing my name
But I’ve got a busted halo out on loan
I’m leaving grieving but I’m not going back home


The devil found me hiding in a background scene
Said “Why don’t we shake it like some old bad dreams?”
I’d rather go to sleep than dance with you
But I’m stuck down in Philly with the bike lock blues

Track Name: You And Your Ugly Crying Face
You And Your Ugly Crying Face

Well you and your ugly crying face
Ain’t gonna stain my shirts no more
Well I skimped and I saved every tear I could find
But I won’t spill as many as you

That face made me make some insane life decisions I’ll regret
Hope you can find it in your pruny old heart to forget

You and your ugly crying face
Will be ingrained in my mind
All the rain I feel, every ocean I see
Will make me want to drown


You and your ugly crying face
Found a better man than me
He’s not stronger or taller, proficient or wise
He just cries all the fucking time
You’re like two peas in a teardrop
I’m just glad that it all stopped

Stop crying my dear
My dear stop your crying
You and your ugly crying face
You’re my ugly crying shame
Track Name: Tired Of Your Psychedelics
Love me like a silver tongue liar
Force feed me like leaves to a fire
Even your silhouette needs a drug test tonight

Lend your lighter to that long-haired leper
Stare down that waitress singing Love Me Tender
Choose her and lose her as quick as a light switch

I’m tired of your psychedelics
Tired of guessing who your long lost love is

Melodies leave your ears in tatters
Future gold rush to the moons of Saturn
Give me your tired, your poor, your under whelmed

You were a life I lived in a daydream
Got your paperback reach for some sunscreen
Just a passenger on a trip to the underworld

Track Name: Last Waltz Of The Blue Moon (50s Slow Song)
Man in blue, won't you be true?
My head's confused, what am I to do?
If I try, you'll just walk on by
So I'll keep my head aimed towards the sky

I hope and I pray
Some love comes my way
'Till then I'm just sitting by myself
I hope and I pray, some love comes my way
'Till then I'm just sitting on the shelf

I can't wait to have you around
My whitewashed eyes turned towards the ground
Freedom freezes all that stays
So we must forget the good old days