Chekhov's Gun

by Traffic Nightmare

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released January 6, 2012



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Track Name: Today
Hold me when you do your crying
Don’t leave when you’re done
Don’t pave this road without me
Rise next to me with the sun
Track Name: Dead Hometown
The cops pull over the drunken kids
As they hide their empty bottles in cookie bins
The jail’s filled up, the school burnt down
There’s no phantom pain like a dead hometown
You said “why can’t you just understand?
One day I’ll use these legs to stand”
The wine bottles broke, the fight is fixed
Somebody put something in my drink
You’re like the withered hands on this rusty clock
I wouldn’t know time passed if you just stopped

Chorus: Jesus christ if this rain don’t stop
I’m gonna drive my car to the mountain top
Sit underneath that single tree
And just wish that you were there with me

It’s midnight at the drunken church
And the guards are on their pre-dusk search
To maim the doctor, blind the priest
To kill everyone that lives on this street
I’m gonna grow my hair out long this time
So that no one can look into my eyes
I want a trumpet at my death bedside
So I can play ‘till I go into that good light
Well, I’m not your friend and I’m not your man
I’m the drop of water on the desert sands
Squint your eyes and your feelings change
But up close those feelings just fade away
Track Name: Thoughts While Eating Chinese Food At the Mall
I sit at a wooden bench across from an empty chair
I take a bit of some chicken, at least I hope that it’s chicken
An Avril Lavigne song blasts from invisible speakers
Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

I see a boy with a Bluetooth in his ear
I haven’t felt such a violent thought in such a long
Time waits and wastes for no one here
Everyone moving without picking up their feet
It was then that I fell into a dream

A woman in smudged eyeliner rolls a stroller like a freight liner train
Her other son plays a 3DS, he doesn’t know how hard the world is just yet
An old man stacks the trays up nice he can’t wait to leave and see his wife
I pick at some plain white rice and christ the sun dressed up the world so nice today

It finally hits me that this is the place where people go
When they throw throw up their hands and decide there’s just nowhere left
If Jesus worked at the Chinese place at the mall
Do you think the final supper would’ve been over some General Tso’s?
Goddamn, I hope so
I’m probably going to hell for that
Track Name: It Was A Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra Cover)
Hey, I didn't write this song.
Track Name: Lumbering
Caught dancing barefoot into tomorrow
Remembering what once was forgotten sorrow
It’s true that in life all things come in seasons
So please don’t forget me whatever your reasons may be

Fearsome reminders of rain in November
That foreshadow lonesome cold in December
With Spring, the sun came to thaw all your fingers
And melt any painful feelings that lingered on

Chorus: Trees still grow through the sidewalk without a sense of worth
So let’s run through life like a pair of dull knives in a rusted old china set

What once was truth is now just a rumor
To prove that the fall had a good sense of humor
The Summer will lumber it’s way into my heart
Whatever comes next is the test of us apart
Track Name: Oh, My Concubine
Oh my dear sweet Concubine

Though I love you much the same
You will never share my name

You may rest your body on these sheets
Once you pay your dowry to me
Track Name: Lazarus Pit/Chekhov's Gun
If I die before I wake
Don’t let me rest for my sake
Lay me in the Lazarus Pit, my babe

Though I had years to go
Seems the years weren’t mine to hold
Fix me up in the Pit, my babe

We all mold, we all rust
Turn far too cold to touch
Warm me in the Lazarus Pit, my babe

Don’t you cry, don’t you weep
Pit’s always been good to me
I don’t plan to die here today