Garbage Day: Trash Songs 2011​-​2011

by Traffic Nightmare

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These are songs that I like, but not enough to record in a proper sense. I hate the idea of having songs just sitting on my laptop, so this is sort of my equivalent of taking out the trash. I believe the oldest songs or two on here is from like seven months ago, while at least two are from the last week.


released November 19, 2011



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Track Name: Love/Hate/Etc.
Got some black tar blues and some blue suede shows
Got a little blue bird that gives me all my news
But I'd trade all of that just to spend a little bit of time with you
Lie to me, I don't ever wanna hear the truth

No more black cats gonna cross my path
And I don't never wanna make you laugh
But if you give it all back, I promise I won't make a big deal of it
You can hate your body but I'm gonna do the opposite

I wanna scream your name when the day gets dark
Wanna drive down the highway in a beat up car
You can make your home in my heart if you think you can find the room
Wipe your feet at the mat, it's never too soon

Been dreamin' so much might as well be real
But I know that it's not so I keep it concealed
Gotta lock it up tight and throw it in the sea
It floats to the surface everytime you look at me

Got these chords and these notebook lines
Got a trash guitar and some trying times
Whole worlds have been built off of so much less than this
You don't owe me a thing but I wouldn't mind if you did
Track Name: Sepia Tones
Maybe, growing up won't be that bad
File your life away in picture frames
For rainy days when you feel sad
And what a life it will be, when you're old and grey

We see ourselves the way we wanna seem
It's not always talkin' on the phone when no one's home
In sepia tones to the one you love
The bad parts live there too, hide where no one sees
Track Name: Leaky Window (Seismic Thrust Cover)
(Written by Zach Decker)

I got a leaky window that let's the rain come in my room (x2)
It gets me cold, it gets me wet but I don't get upset
I gotta fix...that leaky window soon

Track Name: The Fusion Dance
These days I fight my battles alone
Why can't you just pick up the phone
Track Name: Vultures And Coyotes
The nightwatchmen have left their posts
And I am on my way back home
I was walkin fifty miles just to retrieve
A bloodstained locket with a picture of my girl inside

Dark night drivin' on a lone highway
As my eyes turn back to face my brain
One day they'll scrape me off the side of the road,
But for now that's just the wet dream of the vultures and the coyotes

Well I don't have to hide the pain
Cause the blood washed away with the rain

Well you're hiding in the closet with a knife in in your hands
And we're past the point of thinking I'm a worried man
My hands reach for anything they can get
We're just two dead stars the sky hasn't found just yet

Well I'll leave my hatchet in the tree
For anyone who wants to stick it in me
Track Name: Stronger And Stranger
I just wanna fall asleep
Wishing every light in this town would turn green
Was it the angels in the sky or the angels in the snow
That made us look in the mirror and see what we know

Sometimes I feel like the scribbling on my own page
As if the hush-toned and blue-lined could ever be saved
We all carry dead weight when we feel most alive
Some get to heaven and some just wait in line

Chorus: And we'll drag all the reverends back to sleep
To see what savior they find in their dreams
Everyone's looking for some thing to save
I just want a life that I wouldn't wanna fake

This is where I feel right, with the strangers on a train
Or losing my home with the dogs in the rain
Keep growing stronger and stranger since I met you
The world's so cold cause the heating bill's past due

I wanna die in a bed that's been all made up for me
And then ascend to a heaven where the angels shake tambourines

Track Name: Fire At the Heretic House
Everyone I know, fading deep and fading fast
But you were always there,
You're leaving me but not leaving me

Sitting beside myself, lookin on at a tragedy
I think we paid the cost
Probably why there's no money left

Chorus: We were all on our own
Kids left by our parents home alone
I'm not at the age where all my friends are dying
But it can't be much worse than this

Gotta get out of here, I'd kill an angel just to get to you
But maybe that's just shit,
Don't need no one cause no one needs me, Don't need no one if they don't need me

I miss the old house, play a song just because we could
But that's all over now
Just left to wonder when it all died, left to wonder when it really died

Track Name: The Final Act
The pounding in my chest didn't let me rest for weeks
Until my eyes turned the color of your nervous cheeks

Couldn't decide if I was hell bent on being heaven sent
Or content being alone
All I know is that I won't go on drowning in a two foot pool

It got to the point where you only lived on in songs
But I wish I woulda known that you wouldn't last very long

You kept me hanging on

You don't have him or me to hide your fears inside
Let's take it back to when we met so I could look into someone else's eyes
Track Name: Frisby
I was in the theater when Lincoln was shot
Hell, I put the bullets in John Wilkes' gun
I was behind the burning bush
When Moses thought he was talking to god

I told Lennon he was bigger than god
Put the microphone up to his mouth
In every picture you see and every memory you hold
I'll be there pulling the strings