Track Name: Western Country
I was born twenty years ago
Between the deadbeat heat near the birth of a sweet spring day
I was brought into the world
It was loud and quiet, violent and fortunate

Chorus: But I'm not afraid to go out just how I came in
Naked and crying and steeped in sin
I get confused when you change your mind so quick
And even more when you put that look on your face

Old men born eighty years ago
Say you haven't lived till yr friends and family all fade away
So they've got something I have not
Ready to stroll arm in arm with Death in the park


The Earth is scorched and the grass won't grow back

I was born twenty years ago
On a hospital bed already sick and tired and bored with myself
I was brought into this world
To love and hate everyone and get to the chorus now

Track Name: Choir Spiders
Choir spiders climbing church walls
Spinning yarns five yards wide
There's a pretty little waterwork
down on the south central side
I love my girl like the maggots
love a blunt strike to my brain
Fell on the street saw a young girl
Choking on an old man's cane, alright

Somehow the dirt got in my eyes
When I was buried six feet deep
Your shoulder is my pillowcase,
You're my architect of sleep
I sailed that ship channel down
To the edge of the world
When you wrapped the bloodless body
In the dark like a flag unfurled, alright

Tourist-attracted assholes
Asking me to act on my beliefs
I lost my sense of gravity like a kid on a leash
There's a fortune teller lady castrating me for my lies
Who said we're put on Earth to live,
Some of us were born to die, alright
Track Name: ...In Excess
You can put my picture in a picture frame
Turn it over sideways like we're still the same
Live it and forgive it and return to the mess
What is life if you don't live it in excess?
Flip me on my side, make sure that I'm still alive

The ghosts of the highway fall asleep tonight
The summer moon wanes crescent at the very sight
Of a lumbering ocean, the thunderous cloud
That makes the whole world so quiet no one thinks out loud
I'll flip you on your side, make sure that you're still alive

You can put my picture in a picture frame
If the world was one fire, we'd all burn the same
All those indie rock kids and their perfect scenes
Their words hang over my head like a guillotine
My god, we're still alive and I am on your side
Track Name: Defining Gravity (Human Or Otherwise)
You buried him on a Tuesday
Grey clouds overhead
Said a few words of importance
And then threw the dirt over his head

And maybe you should've turned him to ashes
Instead of giving him back to the Earth
Maybe the wind could've blown him through all 50 states
But that's just wishful thinking at this point

Chorus: Respect, respect for the dead
Human or otherwise

You spent all your days crying
No one understands
That cat meant everything in the world to you
You're just a grain of sand

Maybe years from now you won't remember
All your future thoughts and dreams
Will take his place in your head
But we both realize this isn't very likely
Cause your love for him's forever and
That's a very long time

Track Name: A Letter To Elise (Cure Cover)
Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you say
I just can't stay here every yesterday
Like keep on acting out the same
The way we act out
Every way to smile

And make-believe we never needed
Any more than this
Any more than this

Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you do
I know I'll never really get inside of you
To make your eyes catch fire
The way they should
The way the blue could pull me in
If they only would
If they only would
At least I'd lose this sense of sensing something else
That hides away
From me and you
There're worlds to part
With aching looks and breaking hearts
And all the prayers your hands can make
Oh I just take as much as you can throw
And then throw it all away
Oh I throw it all away
Like throwing faces at the sky
Like throwing arms round

I stood and stared
Wide-eyed in front of you
And the face I saw looked back
The way I wanted to
But I just can't hold my tears away
The way you do

Elise believe I never wanted this
I thought this time I'd keep all of my promises
I thought you were the girl I always dreamed about
But I let the dream go
And the promises broke
And the make-believe ran out

So Elise
It doesn't matter what you say
I just can't stay here every yesterday
Like keep on acting out the same
The way we act out
Every way to smile
And make-believe we never needed
Any more than this
Any more than this

And every time I try to pick it up
Like falling sand
As fast as I pick it up
It runs away through my clutching hands
But there's nothing else I can really do
There's nothing else I can really do
There's nothing else
I can really do
At all
Track Name: Alpha Centauri B
Don't put an equal sign between disorder and me
I've been torn and dog-eared
Like an old map of the galaxy
You were the strangest beauty I think I'd ever seen
And I could not tell you anything
Cause I wasn't a human being

Symmetrical violence plays silent in my mind
Your sick old cells illuminate and groom your worried side
But don't walk out, you know
I ain't through with you yet
The scale's been shifted towards the things I can't forget

If it all reads random, I'm sorry it's all my fault
Clawed my cage 'till it broke and away I crawled
I've got pictures of all the days
Your face brought me back to life
I was blinded the other night
The moon's reflection on a steak knife
I'd trade all your crimes
For another try

Lost in the city without a canteen or a set of keys
Don't forget that you're the one
That locked me out of all your dreams
I'm going back to Egypt, I think I've got all my kicks
Gotta catch that current,
Float down that lazy river Styx
Track Name: Stereos (Pts. 1 and 2)
I am a composite of everyone I've ever met
I am nothing original, nothing to offer you
Clip the wings of your old guardian angels
They do nothing but smoke and lounge around
While you find you're struggling with yourself
Playing your piano and smashing the keys
Fighting my memory, asking your enemies
To dance on the headstones of
love that can't come to mind

Chorus: We are all stereos
blasting out old rock and roll song
Until a single wire snaps and then it all stops

And then we'll go quietly, so very quietly
'Till all that we hear is the devil whistling Dixie above
Here in the wasteland, the scandalous creep
Will reveal all my secrets and then I'll never sleep
Because I have some words that I hide from the world
So that nothing will change and
My conscious will earn its' wings
But the stars will still reveal us all
Exploding in the night when we think we're all alone


And maybe we're all alone, ignoring the traffic lights
A singular nightmare that you try to forget
It's the ecstasy of what you first saw in me
And yeah, that's all changed but it still
Keeps me up at night
Forging a better road, clearing a better path
Desperately trying to lift up the bags from my eyes
You deserve the whole wide world,
Or at the very least a new gold watch
So you can find the time to indulge in these words
Nouns, verbs and adjectives
Are sights, sounds and perspectives
Don't turn the channel yet there's still two minutes left


Cause I am a wisp of smoke blown through the wind
Blown through the molecules
Of every single living thing
And will you remember me maybe in fifty years?
When all of my vestiges have since faded to dust
When you go quietly, so very quietly
The dirt in your eyes that you
Won't try and brush away
Cause you can try and clean it off,
Keep the dirt away
But you'll be covered by six feet at the end of the day


So let's make some sandwiches, run to the park
Picnics, playgrounds, let's relive the day we were born
When everyone loved us and the feelings were good
We couldn't speak a word but we knew
We were overjoyed
And now moments like that are rare and rightly so
So let's enjoy ourselves from this word
'Till the day we go


I am a composite of everyone I've ever met
But I won't get this chance again,
So I'll go back to bed
Track Name: Lay Some Flowers On My Grave (Blind Willie McTell Cover)
You must lay some flowers on my grave
You must lay some flowers on my grave
My mother and father have gone
Left me in this world alone
You must lay some flowers on my grave

My father was a roll sport and a gambler too
And he loved makin' and just singin' the blues
I hope my heart will change
I don't want to die the same
You must lay some flowers on my grave

Put a wreath of flowers at my right side
Then you'll know that McTell's satisfied
Put a bouquet in my breast
You know poor boy's gone to rest
You must lay some flowers on my grave

What a moaning glory at my hidden feet
Then you'll know that McTell's gone to sleep
On my headboard write my name
I leave 'em many girl's heart in pain
Hot mama, lay some flowers on my grave

Don't snatch the pillow from under my head
Don't grieve and worry after the days I'm dead
When I bid you this last goodbye
Don't none of you womens cry
You just lay some flowers on my grave

Now when the poor boy's dead and gone
I'm left in this old world all alone
When you hear that church bell toll
You'll know McTell's dead and gone
Hot mama, lay some flowers on my grave