You Will Miss Everything Cool

by Traffic Nightmare

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released May 10, 2012



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Track Name: Gone Again, Naturally
Look on as the sidewalk cracks
Like it’s been holding in a laugh
It’ll swallow me and spit me out one day

We’ll find what we buried deep
The dream of a sound and silent sleep
Our bones will crack like a tennis match back and forth

I though it would be enough
To strangle you to death with love
But you hid out like a monster in the dark

Chorus: You’re all waiting for a sign
You’re all waiting for a fresh breath from a man biding his time

Let’s play a brand new game
I’ll change my home and change my name
You won’t feel anything if there’s nothing there to feel

The thieves can all steal a look
I’ll shut the shades and write my book
And hold you like a child’s rosary

Like the dogs of Hell we crouch
As the blood fills up my mouth
There’s no shrouds of doubt, no haze of mystery
Track Name: Fashionable Rain Boots (Ft. Shannen Moser)
Fashionable rain boots lived up to their name
When I saw you walkin' numb on a cloudy day
Listen for your footsteps on the cobblestone
You were shakin' like the rain made puddles of your bones

Walked in like a heart attack, I didn't know where I was at
You were singing Johnny Cash cause you were feelin bad
Fashionable rain boots like a black and white picture
I don't want the sun to shine cause it means I won't see her
Track Name: Nomad On The Lurch (Shame)
The shame of our fathers bleeds on through us
The shame of the mountains turns them to dust
But we're all changing with the rooster's crow
The little girl understands what the men don't know
The shame of a fortune to a self-made man
The shame of an ocean displacing grains of sand

Shame of all the scars under all your clothes
Shame of a battered boot heel stampede a trampled rose
Pull your socks up high, pick a song and sing
Some things are so simple but you're not one of those things

I'm on the lurch

Shame of a dirt road and the getaway scene
Shame of your word choice, you were always so obscene
I was a newborn crying waiting for my ship to come in
She heard my call and we escaped riding the wind

I'm on the lurch
Track Name: Exeter, PA
I'd rather stick knives in my eyes
than live here all my life
I'm calling Hail Mary plays on my high school days
In the hopes that they'll be driven away

Chorus: Gray skies, grayer thoughts
I thought you missed me but you did not
I watch the cars that hold empty souls
Driving down emptier roads
I think we're forgiven

From the soil we came and of the soil we're laid
It's up to us to find the dirt that we call home
This place is a kiddie pool of piss and tears
But we don't know any better

I appreciate that you raised me to be
Whatever it is I am now
From your dead grass shacks to your four-car garages
What I once was, your re-imagined mirages
Your catacombs of fear to your shrines for nothing
I'll take what you gave and try to build you something
Everyone wants to leave, but they don't know what's coming
I just hope you know that I love you
Track Name: Julie Of the Spirits
Narrow bones of mine
Please don't fall apart this time
Don't turn to dust and die

Just keep your mouth shut
I'm your Samson with a buzzcut
Shaking my head at the foot of your bed

There's more but forget it
I miss Julie of the spirits
Calling me from way back when

Can't hum in the forest
Can't be your tourist
And I won't be the fly in your soup

It's dark in this bedroom
The wind sings me her tunes
But Julie ain't coming back to me

Here's one for the strangers
And another for the dangers
Of having all these people on my mind
Track Name: Looming Doom
I was Icarus on a cloudy day
And the silent sand in a typhoon wave
Find another way, find another sky to gaze at

I was Sinatra in '83
So tired and past my peak
If there's a song to seek, sing it loud for me, won't you?

I was a speeding car
And god's voice was like a toy guitar
We are the things we thought we never would become

Buzzards on the hill, waiting for their kill
At least someone will eat their fill today
And if you have to go, please don't tell me so

I was two decades old
Shrunk back down to fit the fold
And oh, I'd give so much to lay back down with you